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Welcome to Vets Directory a directory of over 3000 Vets and Vets Practices in the UK.

Vets Directory was established in 2005 and in 2015 we are celebrating our 10th anniverary! We help pet owners find vets all around the UK quickly and easily. Vets Directory has over 40,000 users each year and Vets Directory is expanding and growing. So you are definately not alone using Vets Directory.

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How Do I Find UK Vets?

Vets Directory is a superb place to find UK vets.

There is a central directory of over 3000 vets practices covering every county of the UK.

Our central Directory also has the vets address and contact details to help you contact your local vets practice.

You can search our vets directory to find vets by name of the vets practice, town, county or region of the UK where you are looking for a vet. Simply type the search words and click "search".

Finding UK vets made easy!

Vets around The UK

Vets Directory is also adding dedicated regional sections for the regions of the UK for our featured vets around the UK.

England VetsVets in England

Vets Directory lists over 2800 Vets in England. Vets Practices in every county of England for your pets.

Scotland VetsVets in Scotland

Vets Directory lists almost 350 vets in Scotland. Vets Practices in every county of Scotland. Vets for your pets.

Wales VetsVets in Wales

Vets Directory lists over 170 vets in Wales. Vets Practices in every county of Wales. Vet  for your pets.

Ireland VetsVets in Ireland

Vets Directory lists over 125 vets practices in Northern Ireland. Vets Practices in Northern Ireland. Vet for your pets.

Aim of Vets Directory

The aim of Vets Directory is very simple. Published in 2005 and expanding every year Vets Directory aims to make it very simple for pet owners and others looking for a local vet or veterinary surgery to find it here on Vets Directory in minutes.

Directory of UK Vets

A directory of over 3000 vets listed in our directory of vets and veterinary practices.

Plus links to our Pets Directory site of over 7000 Pet Bussinesses and Pet Services.

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