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Wakerley & Speed Veterinary Surgeons

Address: 187 Sheffield Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S21 1DY

Telephone Number: 0114 247 0828 Wakerley & Speed Veterinary Surgeons on the map

Wakerley & Speed Veterinary Surgeons is a General Vets Practice in the town of Sheffield in the county of South Yorkshire.

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Vets Practice Name Wakerley & Speed Veterinary Surgeons
Website Address
Address 1 187 Sheffield Road
Address 2
Locality Killamarsh
Town or City Sheffield
County South Yorkshire
Postcode S21 1DY
Region Yorkshire & The Humber
Phone Number 0114 247 0828
Fax Number 0114 251 4725
Contact Email
No. of Vets in the Practice
RCVS Accredited Practice
RCVS Accreditation Information
Qualifications Within The Practice
Year Practice Was Established
Description of the Vets Practice
Specialities of This Vet
Vets Directory Discount Code to Quote for New Customers
Open Mondays Not Confirmed Yet
Monday Open Times Open Hours Not Supplied Yet
Open Tuesdays Not Confirmed Yet
Tuesday Open Times Open Hours Not Supplied Yet
Open Wednesdays Not Confirmed Yet
Wednesday Open Times Open Hours Not Supplied Yet
Open Thursdays Not Confirmed Yet
Thursday Open Times Open Hours Not Supplied Yet
Open Fridays Not Confirmed Yet
Friday Open Times Open Hours Not Supplied Yet
Open Saturdays Not Confirmed Yet
Saturday Open Times Open Hours Not Supplied Yet
Open Sundays Not Confirmed Yet
Sunday Open Times Open Hours Not Supplied Yet
Emergency Out Of Hours Service No
Emergency Contact Details
Home Visits Available Not Confirmed Yet
Treat Domestic Animals Not Confirmed Yet
Treat Birds
Treat Horses and Ponies Not Confirmed Yet
Treat Farm Animals Not Confirmed Yet
Treat Exotic Animals Not Confirmed Yet
Treat Aquatic
Treat Zoo Animals Not Confirmed Yet
Information About Animals Treated
Animal Physiotherapy Service
Other Information About This Vet
Veterinary Nurse Training
Extra Mural Studies (EMS) Practice
Type of Vet General Vets Practice
User Submitted Recommendations
Twitter Account User Name
FaceBook Page
You Tube Channel
PetsChat.co.uk Contributor Profile
ID 2976WakerleyandSpeedVeterinarySurgeonsSheffieldSouthYorkshireS211DY
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