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Vets Directory is a directory of over 3000 vets and vet practices around England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Our help section is designed to answer frequently asked questions and provide easy guidance about using the Vets Directory website.

Vets Directory is an Animal Publications website and part of the Solutions for Vets network. If you cannot find the answer to your questions here in the help section you can visit the Animal Publications online help desk for more help or submit a support ticket online to resolve your issue.

We have made a host of big improvements to Vets Directory and our goal is to make it the most comprehensive directory of vets in Britain and the UK.

Below are links to pages about the main FAQs.

Using The Advance Search Facility To Fine Tune Your Vet Search

Follow this link on "How to use the advanced search facility?" to search more vets that meet specified criteria you want to find.

For example vets open on Saturdays, larger practices with a larger number of vets working in them, vets that treat horses, exotic animals, Zoo animals and other detailed search criteria.

Visit the page for more information.

How To Add My Vets Practice To Vets Directory?

Follow this link on "How to add my Vets Practice to Vets Directory?" and how to check if your vets practice is already listed.

How To Edit My Listing(s) Already On Vets Directory?

Find out how to check if your vets practice is already listed in the directory of vets, and then how to edit your listing to correct or improve the information about your vets practice.

How to Remove Listings That Are Incorrect or No Longer Relevant?

Find out how to request that a listing that is not relevant or incorrect be removed from the Vets Directory website.

Other Help or Support Issues?

If you don't see a link on this page to your FAQ or query we suggest you submit a support ticket on the Animal Publications website or search the knowledge base we are building for users on the Animal Publications website.

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