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Welcome to the "Getting Listed" page of our "Help" section on Vets Directory. Vets Directory is one of the most comprehensive directories of vets and vets practices online for the UK and Britain. Be part of it!

It is very quick easy and free. Two main steps below that only take a minute or two. Then later after we activate your listing and notify you of your live basic listing you can login in the directory section and add more information such as opening times, animals you treat etc.

This page is where Vets can apply to be listed (FREE) or if already listed apply for a user name (email address) and password to be able to feature in Vets Directory and edit their listing.

The following three steps are required.

Step 1 below takes about 30 seconds to complete on this page.

Step 2 below takes around a minute, applying for a listing (free) again on this page now.

Step 3 happens after we email you to let you know your application has been approved and your initial listed added to the directory, normally within 48 hours.

You must then login using your contact email address you provide (below) which will become your username for login (not published) and the password we will provide to you and fill in the remainder of the information about your vets practice.

We recommend you fully update your listing to include opening times, animals you treat, and edit and further update your listing to make it as informative a possible.

Fully updated listings then get a higher priority listing as they are more useful to our animal and pet owners looking for a vet. It should only take a few minutes online.

Important: Do not type all CAPITAL or all lower case letters as this will mean your application does not get approved.

Step One - We Need To Be Able To Contact You

It is important that we can inform you about updates that could affect your listing(s) by email.

When we need to contact all listings about an important update or issue affecting their listing these bulk mailing are managed centrally from which is a website operated by Corporate Ace Limited, of which Animal Publications is a division.

We do not send out spam or junk mail. If we are not in your contacts you may need to check ther junk or spam folders in your email account if you don't see emails from usimmediately. Most of our emails will come from the SupportDesk @ Animal

We will send you an occasional reminder to login and review your listing with us to ensure it stays accurate and up to date otherwise it runs the risk of being removed. Usually we only contact all listing approximately once or twice a year but at other times if it is important.

Enter your contact details for updates email below.

E-mail Address:
Your Description (e.g. vet or vets practice)
Select email update categories:
Manage Subscriptions

When you click "subscribe" it will open a new tab in your browser on the Newsletter Updates website where you can request your password and manage your email subscriptions for updates with us.

You will be sent an email asking you to confirm your subscription to our email list. You need to click on the link in that email (or cut and paste the link into you browser address) to confirm your subscription.

Note: you can also subscribe or unsubscribe from email updates by using the "manage subscriptions" link above.

Other staff at your practice can also subscribe here for email updates to keep informed about what we are doing to help promote vets online.

As your update email accounts(s) are seperate form your login email to our directory listings this means you or your staff can have multiple update email accounts to stay up to date with what we are doing to help vets promote themselves online if you so wish while retaining one login email account for admin purposes in step 2 below.

Step Two - Application To List Your Vets Practice

To apply for a new listing or two be able to edit and existing listing, both of which are free, you need to complete all the questions in the application form below.

When updating your listing, once it is approved, it is a condition of listing that you type with normal upper and lower case letters otherwise your listing risks being removed (i.e. not all upper case or lower case letters).

The first few questions marked "not published" will not be visable to users of our directory and are for our information only or for setting up your online account with us.

Please answer all questions where possible but you have to answer all questions with a * by them.

Your Name
(not published):
Your Position
(not published):
Your Email (This will be your login username
(not published)
Your Phone Number (Only in case we need to contact you)
(not published)
*numbers only no spaces
New Listing or Edit Existing Listing: *
Type of Vets Practice: *
Number of Different Surgeries in Your Practice **: *
Name of the Vets Practice *
Practice Website Address (start www.)
Address (1st line only) *
Town *
County *
Postcode *
Practice Phone Number * numbers only no spaces
Region: *
Practice Description (in brief around 5 to 10 words): *
How Did You Here About Us: *
Enter the numbers in the box before you hit submit this prevents automated submissions. Thank you. *
* Denotes required field
** if you have more than location and operate a group of vets practices add the main one here. Once listed you can request others are added. You can then manage or edit all listings associated with the email account you use to login which can help centralise administration for you.

NB: Once your basic listing, based on the above, has been approved and added to the live directory we strongly recommend you login to update your listing live online to include opening times etc.

You can speed the process up by submitting a support ticket in the Animal Publications support section which we can then reply to directly, that way you can track the process from start to finish and ask any questions you may have along the way.

Step Three - Login To Your Basic Listing To Add Additional Information

When you register we ask for basic information about your practice.

Once we have approved and set up your basic listing using this information you can then login online and edit or update your listing live on Vets Directory. Add important information such as opening times, contact email address, animals you treat, specialities, photos, and other information about your vets practice.

We strongly recommend you login twice at year to update and improve your listing. We are notified of all updated posted. Practices that keep their listing up to date regularly get a prioriy listing over those practices that not update their listings either when asked to, or at least twice a year.

Step Four - Ongoing Changes and Updates About Your Practice Information

Why is it important to regularly update your listing regularly, say once or twice a year at least?

Updating your listing helps it do better in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines, as search engines prefer regularly updated information than old potentially stale out of date information.

Plus we give priority to listings that keep their listing updated or improved.

Priority listings, regularly updated, are more likely to get your vets practice more customers.

That is why updating your listing at least once a year, preferably twice a year or more is so important.

It is very easy and only takes a few minutes. A good investment of your time.

Other Help or Support Issues?

If you don't see a link on this page to your FAQ or query we suggest you submit a support ticket on the Animal Publications website or search the knowledge base we are building for users on the Animal Publications website.

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It is COMPLETELY FREE to search our directory of UK Vets !

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