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At Vets Directory our aim is simple. Help you find local vets for pets.
Vets for Pets in the UK.

Vets Directory lists over 3,200 UK Vets for pets covering every county of the UK.


Find local Vets for Pets


We have regional sections to our website covering England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland


Vets Directory the place to find your local vet!

Vets Directory. UK directory of over 3,000 UK Vets. Vets for Pets. Find local vets. UK Vets. 


We cover vets for pets in every UK  country, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


We cover every UK county from Lands End to John O'Groats we list vets for pets.


No matter where you live you WILL find a local vet for your pet in Vets Directory.


We all love our pets. We published this website as we have quite a number of pets in our family too! We wanted to help you find vets for your pets easily and quickly online. Vets Directory is the place to look for vets for pets. 


We are also adding dedicated sections to our website for 2009 for vets in each UK county and also major UK cities and towns. For example see our sections for featured vets in all London boroughs. Other major cities we are adding dedicated pages for featured vets include Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Bristol, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Swansea and vets in Cardiff to name a few.


Find "Vets for Pets" Vets directory is all about helping you find local vets for your pets. There are over 300UK vets for Main Directory - Click Here!pets listed in Vets Directory we cover every county of the UK so you will find a local vet in vets directory.


To find vets for your pet pets click here to go to the main directory. We are currently working on a new main vet directory which will make it even easier for you to find your local vet. Vets Directory is all about UK Vets. The purpose of of this site is to link you to our local vet in the UK in the quickest possible way. Our main directory lists over 3000 UK vets from all over the UK and is word searchable. Our new dedicated pages will also link you to some of our featured vets on a regional basis.


Our UK vets directory will be even more easy to use when we have finished our full upgrade and more pleasant to view.


If you find an error Vets Directory please let us know via the contact page on We will either remove that vet from our listings unless they are registered with usLooking for local vets - click here! or endeavour to verify the correct details.



Vets for Pets. Thank you for using Vets Directory to find your local vet for your pet!


Our aim is to help you find your local vets surgery and their contact details in less than a minute.

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UK Vet Listed?

If your vet is not listed on Vets Directory please tell them.


If you are a vet you should register with us to keep your practices details up to date. Registering will get you a priority listing. Why not opt for a premium listing with loads of other benefits.


To register with us use this link click on the word register.


We are updating our directory of UK vets regularly. Vets not registered with us run the risk of their practice being removed from our increasingly popular directory of local UK vets! Please therefore register with us to keep your practices details current. Thank you. 


For listing options see our Solutions for Vets website.


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